Recent rains drive out drought

- It has gone mostly unnoticed, but a good portion of South Dakota had been faced with drought conditions during the past month according to the U.S. National Drought Monitor. Luckily, recent rains during the past couple of weeks have nearly driven the recent drought completely out of South Dakota. On May 27th, nearly 10% of […]

Drought loosens its grip in SD

-,HP While receiving a blizzard that included a nasty mixture of rain, snow and ice in the middle of April isn’t ideal, folks in South Dakota will take the moisture in any form they can get. The bad news with the blizzard is that thousands of homes lost power and tree limbs now lie on […]

South Dakota Produces 7th Largest Corn Crop

- Despite South Dakota’s worst drought in the past 50 years, it’s farmers were able to produce the seventh largest corn crop in state history totaling 535.3 million bushels in 2012 according to today’s USDA/NASS crop production report. That final total is up six percent from projections in November’s crop report, but down 18 percent from […]

Corn Comments 10.15 – Take it in stride

- Corn Comments Podcast with Jim Woster. In this week’s Corn Comments Podcast, Woster reflects on this year’s drought and other devastating acts of Mother Nature from years gone by. There are so many things our farmers can’t control when producing our food but the things they can control include their optimism and resiliency which shine […]

Corn Comments 8.27 – Farming Perseverance

- Corn Comments Podcast with Jim Woster. Due to this year’s devastating drought we will be cutting back just like everyone else. One of those cuts will be some radio stations who air our weekly Corn Comments radio spot. Corn Comments will now be heard only on WNAX 570 AM and of course on this very […]

Corn Comments 8.6 – In times of drought

- Corn Comments Podcast with Jim Woster This week Jim talks about producers dealing with the effects of drought and some upcoming ag events in South Dakota.

Corn Silage Resources

- As the drought continues to grow in South Dakota so does the number of farmers who will be chopping up their corn crop for cattle feed. Many farmers who also raise livestock normally turn some of their crop into silage, but nobody planned on having to do it this early or this much. Too many […]

Food Prices and Drought

- As the drought continues to affect crops across the country, many have begun to speculate about what it means for food prices. Corn is without a doubt a very important part of our world’s food system, but the effect it has on prices at the grocery store is not. For instance, at $8 per bushel, […]

Corn Comments 7.30 – Dealing with Drought

- Corn Comments Podcast with Jim Woster. In this week’s Corn Comments Podcast, Mr. Woster talks about farmers dealing with the drought. One thing that we know for sure is that our farmers are resilient and will continue in their work to do what they can to continue feeding our growing world. Keep praying for rain!

Drought Resources Available

- As the drought continues to affect farmers and ranchers across the country and now well into South Dakota there are various issues that will need to be addressed depending on each individual farm. A great local resource is the South Dakota State University Extension. On their website: you will find pertinent information in their […]