Corn Comments- Nov 6

- The Showdown Series football game is almost here! Jim Woster talks about all the fun activities happening that day in this week’s corn comments

Corn Comments- Oct.16

- Harvest season is upon us and one thing to remember is safety! Jim Woster talks about farm safety on this week’s segment of corn comments.

Corn Comments: Oct.9

- One of life’s friendly reminders, someone is always listening. Jim Woster chats this week about youth on the farm.

Corn Comments-October 2

- Wanting to know more about crop marketing strategies and risk management? GrowingOn 2018 does just that. Jim Woster talks a little bit this week about GrowingOn and where you can attend a session.

Corn Comments- Sept.25

- Exports, Exports, Exports! Jim Woster this weeks touches on the importance of exports and imports in American agriculture.

Corn Comments- August 29

- It’s back to school time! For all returning students, whether they are high-school or college students, Jim Woster has some words of advice to get this school year off to the right start.

Corn Comments- August 14

- Ethanol has an vital role here in South Dakota, this week Jim Woster takes a look at just how important it really is

Corn Comments- August 7

- Social media, we may not all use it, but it does have an impact in our digital world! Jim Woster talks this week on how South Dakota Corn utilizes social media to spread their message to the people of South Dakota.

Corn Comments- July 17

- Times may be tough right now in the agriculture industry, especially in South Dakota, but Jim Woster has some encouraging words on this week’s installment of ‘Corn Comments’