Corn Comments 5.11 – Woster’s fuel of choice



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What type of fuel does Jim Woster choose at the pump? The answer is South Dakota-made ethanol of course. Jim put 320,000 miles on the black Buick pictured above and all of those miles were fueled by ethanol blended gasoline. Jim also uses ethanol in both his snowblower and lawn blower with no problems whatsoever.

Jim chooses ethanol because of its positive impact on our state. The ethanol industry has a $3.8 billion economic impact, supports nearly 2,000 jobs and pays its employees an average salary of $60,000 per year according to a study from the SD Ethanol Producers Association. This industry is not only producing a high-octane and clean-burning fuel, but a high protein livestock feed that is a popular ration for beef, pork, poultry and even aquaculture.

The best part about the ethanol industry is that it offers our technically skilled and educated young people an opportunity to move back to their rural communities and work in an exciting and growing industry that is making our world a better place to live. And that opportunity could grow with a proposed ethanol plant in Sully County. Read more on that here.