Seed Corn Shortage?

By now you have probably heard about possible seed corn shortages across the Midwest so we decided to take a closer look at the situation in South Dakota. Here’s what some seed representatives around the state are saying.


-Reed Mayberry, Pioneer

“As an industry we are challenged with supply across the maturity zones. The storms we had last growing season wreaked havoc on our seed corn production fields.”

“We first recommend that farmers get possession of their seed. Then make sure you have the right product on the right acre. Have a plan for which fields you want to plant first and adjust accordingly.”


-Joe Schefers, Monsanto

“As conditions vary from one area to another, we recommend that you stay in close contact with your seed dealer to identify the best products for maximum production.”


– Mike Drey, Hefty Seeds

“Don’t be planting too early and expect to have decent, quality seed for replant.”

“There are certain numbers that just aren’t going to be there, especially newer varieties.”


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